Mental Health


SHITSHOW advises organisations on mental health issues. Our vision: organizational cultures in which people stay healthy – and are able to reach their full potential.

Reasons for a Mental Health Revolution

100% UP

The number of sick leaves due to psychological stress have more than doubled between 2007 and 2017.


The average duration of mental health problems are three times longer than that of other illnesses.

36% VS. 65%

In corporate cultures classified as healthy, the number of people experiencing psychological stress is significantly lower.

There is no health without mental health

We live in crazy times: Mental stress and issues present us with growing global and social challenges, they put companies under pressure and our education system on the spot. Previously, the answers to these questions have rarely gone beyond symptom control. We think there is a better way. This is why we support organisations in supporting our mental health – and with it our creativity, participation and efficiency. 

Our Mission

We advise companies and organizations on how to better maintain and improve the mental health of their employees and contributors. Since mental health is complex and dependent on various factors, our consulting approach keeps both in mind: the individual and the culture in which it operates.


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SHITSHOW is not afraid of shitty feelings 🌚 cultivates team love and common care 🌚 takes time for hard work 🌚 takes time for hard breaks 🌚 has crazy high standards 🌚 trusts their instinct 🌚 brings love to organisations 🌚 always takes work seriously 🌚 doesn’t take itself too seriously 🌚 loves naps (big time!) 🌚 sets a good example 🌚 gives smart impulses 🌚 or turns everything upside down




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SHITSHOW is a consulting agency for topics surrounding mental health – strictly speaking, the first of its kind. We advise organizations on how they can take better care of the mental health of their employees and contributors, thus creating a more productive work environment. Based on careful evaluation, we develop formats that help to inform, sensitize and train employees and leaders, impacting the organizational culture in a positive way as a result. Our vision: improved company cultures that help people stay healthy and reach their full potential.

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