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Shit happens. 💩


What really matters is how we handle it.

SHITSHOW empowers companies, organizations and people to promote mental health at work.

There is no health without mental health

If the past years have taught us anything, it’s this. Mental health has advanced in the public perception to a fundamental factor of good work.

You want to take action to de-stigmatize mental health? We accompany organizations and companies on their way to build mentally healthy structures that foster healthy cultures and minds.


What does mental health look like in your organization? This is not a trivial question – and the answers are highly individual. With us, you have experts on the following topics by your side

Yes, it’s true: You are something very special. That’s why we provide you with advice that is tailored to your needs. You want to start small and agile? We are always creating new ready-made talks, trainings and workshops.

Clients and pioneers

Logo von SAT 1
Logo von SAT 1

A mental health journey for The Female Company

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Things got underway with the kick-off workshop ‘Starting Mental Health’.



We evaluated mental health resources & challenges at The Female Company.



Yay! Now, we’re on our way to an individual roadmap for preventing burnout.

„Our monthly ENPS survey confirmed what we felt during the workshop: The team was able to take away exciting lessons on how we can deal with workload and mental load more carefully at company level – and we were sensitized to take even more care of each other. SHITSHOW had made a great start and we’re already looking forward to the next steps.“

Portrait von Ann Sophie Claus, der Gründerin der Female Company


Founder & CEO The Female Company


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