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We empower organizations to promote mental health and well-being and to establish an appreciative culture. We think that both belong together: prevention only works where we can be open and without fear of disadvantages.

That’s why SHITSHOW’s psychologically trained coaches work together with communication experts. Our network combines competence in classical consulting and coaching methods with creative expertise. Together we convey Mental Health in an authentic, tangible and inspiring way.


Luisa Weyrich
Consulting & Management
Luisa co-founded SHITSHOW out of her master's degree in social and business communication. As a trained trainer in non-violent communication and Design Thinking Fellow, Luisa develops and holds lively workshop formats and stands as a speaker on (digital) stages. In order to accompany holistic development processes towards more mental health in the working world, Luisa is currently completing training as a systemic organizational developer.
Nele Groeger
Consulting & Communication
With her experience as a strategist and copywriter, Nele is responsible for everything communications-related at SHITSHOW. As a consultant and co-founder, she supports organizations in communicating mental health topics in an understandable and inspiring way and develops talks, workshops and educational materials. Nele holds an MA in Social and Business Communication and trained her copywriting at Hamburg School of Ideas.
Johanna Dreyer
Consulting & Design Experience
Johanna studied design and social and business communication before opening her own graphic studio in 2015. As co-founder of SHITSHOW, Johanna is responsible for the visual experience of the workshop and training formats, develops teaching materials and also brings the design perspective to workshop work as well as SHITSHOW Talks. As a consultant, she develops communicative approaches to effectively place mental health in organizations.
Benthe Untiedt
Consulting & Expert Relations
Benthe is co-director of SHITSHOW and, as a graduate psychologist and trained systemic consultant, is responsible for the development and implementation of trainings. She also offers coaching for employees. In consulting processes, she contributes psychological expertise to advise organizations on the topic of mental health. Today, she brings her own experience with remote work abroad into her work with individuals and teams.
Alena Dziedzitz
Design & Product Development
Alena has a bachelor's degree in interior design with a focus on furniture design and scenography and a master's degree in eco-social design. For her, design always has a social task in addition to the obvious aesthetic one - a claim she also sees reflected in her work at and for SHITSHOW. For SHITSHOW she realizes graphic and web designs and brings her expertise to the development of print and exhibition products. With Alena you can have exciting conversations about speculative design and digital feminism.


Rebecca Weisl
Training & Speaking
Rebecca has more than 5 years of experience in change management, innovation management and (self) leadership. As a consultant, she has worked for elementary schools and DAX 50 companies. In 2017, she founded the Institute for Tech Life Balance, which explores how people can shape a better relationship with technology. For and with SHITSHOW, she discusses topics such as digital stress and healthy communication, holds workshops, lectures and trainings.
Christine Derrer
Coaching & Teambuilding
Strengthening people in their development and healthy interaction in the work context is close to Christine's heart. She supports SHITSHOW in team development processes and coaching. She brings her broad professional and life experience to her consulting processes. Christine studied architecture, is a certified fiction producer and is systemically trained as a coach, team coach, consultant and therapist. She is currently studying Positive Psychology in Berlin.
Antonia Drews
Coaching & Training
Antonia is a psychologist, systemic therapist and dilemma researcher. She supports employees and managers in coaching processes, designs workshops and empowers teams and organizations in sustainable transformation processes. She is currently completing her PhD on leadership. One of her core questions is how people within organizations manage to stay healthy despite challenging decision-making requirements.
Tobias Vielmetter-Diekmann
Digital Realisation
As a software developer and art historian, Tobias works on developing and designing effective communication tools and optimizing work processes - with a preference for the interface between art and technology. This multidisciplinary approach also makes him a terrific team player at SHITSHOW, where he partners in the development of digital communication solutions in the form of platforms, websites & apps.
Konstantin Haubrok
Organisational development
Konstantin works at the intersection of strategic organizational development and digital communication. With an MSc in strategic management, he spent extended time in Los Angeles and Beijing. He is a board member of haubrok foundation for contemporary art, sits on the advisory board of WL Artworld Solutions and develops exhibitions & publications in the field of contemporary conceptual art. Konstantin supports SHITSHOW in the development of concrete approaches for the implementation of strategic implications.

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