Mental Health Support Workbook

As 2020 has shown more than clearly, life doesn’t always move in straight lines. In order to navigate through times of crisis, we need strength and the odd smart strategy. This workbook provides organizations and their employees with tips and tools on how to stay resilient in troubled times.

„A little help in troubled times” brings together practical exercises and reflections to support employees, managers, and leaders in dealing with times of uncertainty and crisis. Tools and exercises help to reflect and manage the feelings and behaviors that often occur in crisis situations.


The workbook contains basic knowledge on what crises are and how they can affect us as well as practical exercises. Readers get to know their basic psychological needs and learn how to meet them even in difficult times

DINA6, 44 pages, 11 tools and lots of input


All of the exercises are psychologically sound and designed to provide practical support in everyday life. Tools such as a self-care lottery and a weekly schedule can help in keeping an eye on mood patterns and taking positive countermeasures when times get challenging.

This tool is available for you to download with just one click. Have fun!

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